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Jakab Agnes - Artikon - wooden Santa figure

My grandmother had the privilege to live in the most beautiful district of Budapest, the Castle of Buda. Everyone who knows about Hungary, when Budapest is mentioned they automatically think of Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church or the breathtaking view over the panorama of the two halves of the capital separated by Danube and still held together by its bridges. The small area of Budapest, acting like a small village in the middle of a grand city, is a world heritage jewelry box worth visiting anytime.

Artikon shop - Buda Castle - wooden Santa figure

The condominium where my mother grew up had two entrances, one of which stood closed, unused. My grandmother, who was an architect, had the idea of transforming this main street entrance into a small shop in 1984. This is when the family business, Artikon was born. It still operates until this day. At that time, the main products were icons of Hungarian artists, hence the name of the store. My grandmother made it a hobby until her retirement.

Edit artikon wooden santa figureEdit Artikon wooden santa figure

After her death, my mother and father took over the family business and put their heart and soul into it to redesign and expand the range of products under the company’s roof. They’ve always paid a lot of attention to provide unique and special products for their customers. They had icons created by Hungarian artist, hand-painted plates, hand-crafted rosaries and – my personal favorites – a wide range of unique, hand-crafted and painted Santa Claus figures.

The Santa statues are created by 10-15 families. Their variability and individuality represents the family’s unique techniques and styles. You can therefore identify the family which created them from the color of the paint, the brush style, the motives on cloth, the features of the face or the body-shape. You can try it out on our page. Try finding statues created by the same family or try finding the one that suits your taste the best.

Agnes and Krisz - Santa figures

Due to the restriction of COVID, me and my husband decided to rethink the company and try to reach out to the world, expanding over the border of Buda Castle, Budapest and even Hungary. We decided to introduce you our unique products which has captured the hearts of so many in the last three decades. Now you can browse our products online and even order them for yourselves or for your loved ones. They can be a great present to bring smiles to their faces.

We hope that the pandemic will be soon over and we can even meet in person in our little jewelry box of Budapest, in the Castle of Buda.

Agnes & Kristian